European Music Program for Children and Adults

We offer classes in music theory, music literature, accompaniment, choir and music composition as well as technical skills which may be taken individually or as part of a full 7 year European Standards Program. As part of the 7 year program, we offer technical skills exams and mandatory recitals (performances will take place every 2-3 months). Throughout every phase of the program, parents can see skills taught at each and track the progress of the student. Participation in the 7 year program is recommended but not mandatory. 
We offer private and group lessons on piano, violin, viola, flute, cello, guitar and voice. Contact us for more information.

SKYPE LESSONS - Computer/Tablet with high quality web camera and microphone required. Contact us for availability.
1 hour - $80
45 minutes - $65
30 minutes - $45

CHOIR - FREE (For registered students only)
Monday - 3:30pm to 4:00pm

Monday - 4pm - 4:30pm
Thursday - 6pm - 6:30pm

Parent/Teacher Conference Night

Teachers will be availble the last Saturday at 7pm of every month to meet with parents. This is not mandatory.

Music appreciation Class for adults

Classes will take place at 8pm the last Saturday of every month, $15. Contact us for more information.

Recording Studio Rental

Our studio, grand piano and equipment are now available to rent. Perfect for recording performances for competitions, high school & college applications, etc. A CD with the video and audio is included in the $80 per hour rate.


We will offer rentals and a rent-to-own program of Blüthner, Irmler, Haessler fine instruments to our students. Contact us for more information on discounted piano rental and purchases through our school.

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